The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been the topic of much discussion lately. As Samsung’s 10th anniversary flagship, the company seems to be pulling out all the stops. The latest rumors claim there will be four different models: three “standard” models and one extra special model.The special edition model is rumored to have 5G support and a whopping six total cameras (four on the back, two in front). The display will also be larger at 6.7-inches (for those that it big). It will certainly be the top-of-the-line model possibly 512GB of internal storage.

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Galaxy S10 Special Edition model with ceramic back


The Special Edition model of the Galaxy S10 will also be the one to feature a ceramic back in Black and White colors.This means that no mineral can scratch the ceramic back except for diamond and sapphire. The microcrystal zirconium oxide ceramic material certainly befits a premium smartphone.

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