So, I recently received the Samsung Galaxy S9 as I like the idea of a slim bezel phone without having a notch at the top. However, I noticed that it was having some horrible idle battery drain even in airplane mode with just WiFi enabled. I installed BetterBatteryStats to analyze the issue and it seems to have something to do with the alarms from Google Play Services. So I did a factory reset to try to get the software as fresh as possible, but during the setup process, when updating my apps, I noticed that the Play Store had asked me if I wanted to install applications that I have used on previous devices.

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For those of you who disable auto updates for your apps, you’ll find this message in the same area of your updates tab. After recently setting up a new phone, Google has started to recommend that you install apps you’ve used before on other devices. Google was aware of 10 different apps that i used on previous devices. I know there are a number of apps that I always install when I am setting up a new device and it is a pain to go through and search for each of them.

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