Apple scoops up CEO of Mango Health.

Mango Health is an app for people to track their medications, which is especially helpful for patients with chronic disease who take multiple medications. The company also offers incentives, such as gift cards, for users who take their tracked medications properly and on time.One of the people familiar with his move said that Oberfest will look into opportunities for Apple in the medication adherence space, meaning helping people take their medicines on time. When people don’t take their meds, that costs the U.S. health care system between $100 to $289 billion a year. For that reason, a lot of start-ups are focusing on finding ways to help people adhere to their prescriptions.

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Mango president Yadin Shemmer was promoted to chief executive officer in November. Oberfest updated his LinkedIn profile with his new role this week.Apple declined to comment on the hire. Oberfest also didn’t share what he would be working on at Apple.

Oberfest’s background spans health care and technology. He worked in gaming and social media before starting Mango Health, supported by Kleiner Perkins and Express Scripts, a public company in the pharmacy sector. Oberfest was a senior vice president of MySpace before joining a mobile gaming company called ngmoco.Mango Health raised slightly more than $8 million in venture capital since its launch in 2012.

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