Microsoft is making its first web browser for the Mac in 15 years!.

Microsoft is making its first web browser for the Mac in 15 years!

Microsoft Edge was one of Windows 10’s greatest new features when it was released in mid-2015. But, despite Microsoft’s efforts to promote it in its own properties, such as the Bing search engine, it did not take off.Google’s Chrome in November had about 62 percent share, while Edge had about 2 percent, according to StatCounter. Apple’s Safari had 15 percent and Microsoft’s old Internet Explorer browser had a share of 3 percent.

In recent years, under Satya Nadella ‘s leadership, Microsoft has come to more openly embrace open- source technologies. It added wider support for Linux, for example, in Windows and the cloud. Now that Microsoft relies heavily on its own browsing engine technology, Microsoft will make  Chromium , the open source core of Google’s Chrome browser. An Important part of Edge, essentially recognizing that Google’s technology has become dominant. Microsoft will also play a major role in the Chromium project, as it aims to make Edge available even more widely.

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Web developers will have a web platform that is less fragmented to test their sites, to ensure that there are fewer problems and greater satisfaction for users of their sites.

This is because because we will continue to provide Microsoft Edge service- driven understanding of legacy IE sites only, Corporate IT will have improved compatibility for both old and new web apps in the browser that comes with Windows.”

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This is not the first time Microsoft will Build for MAC and definitely not the first time Mac will feature Microsoft Browsers. Apple offered Internet Explorer for the Mac, but stopped releasing new versions of the software in 2003. Microsoft expects people to try a preview in early 2019.

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