We haven’t had a new Samsung Galaxy S10 render for a few days and we started to worry. Thankfully, Twitter leakster @UniverseIce comes to our rescue with a new picture of the appearance of the Galaxy S10 ” Lite.”. As you can see in the picture below, the more affordable variant of the S10 series is a camera in the upper right corner, whereas top, side and bottom belts are all about the same size. This detail has actually been changed by the leaker, so you should still take them with a grain of salt while they release these renders based on industry rumors.

Samsung  Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Appears in New Render.


However, if this latest render was confirmed at the start, Samsung could have a very interesting device in its hands.
We say this because most other smartphone makers( Huawei) with a cut- off camera design on the full screen have only displayed devices with a thicker bottom chin to date.However, as we can see in the above picture, the Galaxy S10 Lite does not have one, so it is a much more advanced design than the competition.


What should this new trend be called ” full screen?” Cut out the design of the camera hole? Design of the punch hole? Design of camera in- display?  we appreciate your contributions please let us know below by dropping your take thank you!

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