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Windows 10 might be Keeping and Sending your PC’s Activity History to Cloud without you knowing

Microsoft is in new predicament when it comes to privacy  issue, with the new revelation that  Windows 10 collects data on  what you have  been doing on your Personal Computer and store in the cloud – even if you have told the operating system not to send  it to the cloud.

This problem has been identified by a Reddit user( as spotted by How- To Geek) and can be easily checked on your Windows 10 PC for yourself. Just go to Privacy settings and click the Activity History on the left sidebar.

The activity history records what you did with apps, documents and so on on your PC. If you allow Windows to collect information about these activities by ticking the corresponding box.


There is also a box to ‘Let Windows synchronize my activities with the cloud from this PC; and this is where things get thorny. Even if you left this unchecked – in other words, you don’t want Windows to synchronize what you’ve done with the cloud– the operating system continues to go ahead. This can be seen in a record of your online activities – even if the box is not checked; by clicking on the data protection dashboard (top-right, under “Know your privacy options”). You may need to log in to your PC’s Microsoft account( if you are not already logged in). If you click on the activity history tab, a full list of your activities will be presented. The apps you are using, the website you visited and so on.


Moreover, incidents such as this do not help to strengthen trust or goodwill. Microsoft is trying to accumulate when it comes to responsible user data management.This also highlights that the overall privacy settings still need a greater level of clarity (and should be collected all in one place), with it made easy for the user to see and adjust exactly what permissions they are giving Windows 10 concerning their data.Especially when sending such data online.


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