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If PS4 successor is this good then PlayStation fans are in for a treat.

We know the PS5 is coming, the question is when Sony will release their follow-up to the PS4. Sony is expected to reveal to PlayStation fans the PS4 successor in either 2019 or 2020. Specs are currently unknown about the PS5; but some are claiming that the PS4 successor may even be able to display output in 8K.

While we aren’t certain about the PS5, apart from its existence; that may all be about to change in the nearest future. Sony aren’t holding a PSX event this year and won’t be attending E3 next year.


These big no-shows have fuelled speculation that Sony could be about to hold a major event announcing the PS5 in 2019. In fact “Ace Securities” believe the PS5 could be “introduced” by the end of 2019. If that’s the case then it won’t be much longer until fans finally get to see what the PS5 is capable of.


But in the meantime, they may have been given an insight into what the next generation of consoles can do. And the results are truly stunning.

The official CRYENGINE Facebook page has showed shots of what the latest version of the graphics engine is capable of. For those not in the know, builds of CRYENGINE in the past have been used to make games such as Crysis, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the first Far Cry. And the screenshots of what the latest version is capable of is truly astounding.

And if this is achievable with the next generation of consoles then gamers could soon be seeing a huge leap in terms of the quality of graphics. Recently Sony also showcased what Gran Turismo would look like running in 8K and at 120 FPS.



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