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God of War ranks The Best Game of 2018

At the beginning of the year, we were worried that the new God of War  was just a cynical money grab from Sony. After all, the God of War series had a pretty good 

run back in the days of the PS2 and PS3, but it overstayed its welcome and ended up going out with the whimper that was God of War: Ascension. It wasn’t hard to imagine that Sony was simply tapping a dormant franchise to squeeze more money out of fans of the series, with no real intention of returning the franchise to its former glory. That’s just what big publishers d o.

But now, it seems ridiculous to have ever even considered that God of War

could have been the product of such short-sightedness. Not only was it good, it was far better than any God of War game that came before it. Deeper in both scope and story.

The first God of War and its two sequels can be counted among the best action games ever made. They weren’t exactly deep, as to say; as they primarily revolved around Kratos slaying his way through the Greek pantheon to exact his revenge on the gods. Kratos was a fairly flat character, always angry at whatever injustice the gods had passed onto him this time and we never really saw another side of him.


In 2018, Kratos has chilled out a little bit. He’s no longer the burning ball of rage he once was, but he’s not really a charming, outgoing guy either. At the beginning of God of War, he comes off as someone who is simply trying put his past behind him and enjoy a quiet life with his family. His wife’s death prior to the events of the game put a wrinkle in those plans, as does a visit from a man who is later revealed to be Baldur, one of the Norse gods. Baldur’s arrival is the catalyst he needs to begin his quest to scatter his wife’s ashes on the tallest peak in all of the realms – her dying wish.

Check out this link to watch the highlights of the story:


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