Oliver Christian Google Kai’s quirky techno name caught the attention of blogs across Europe and in the United States. The search giant itself even published its own post; writing “we wish him long life and good health, and hope his schoolmates aren’t too hard on him.”

When the little baby boy came wailing into the world on Sept. 12, 2005; his birth made headlines far from his home in Sweden.

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The boy’s father, Walid Elias Kai; worked in search engine marketing at the time and admired Google’s services as well as the hugeness of the number “googol” (a misspelling gave the search engine its name). “He is a smart guy!” his dad exclaimed proudly. “He has a special character.”

Because it’s not his first name, it’s not something that his peers needle him over very often, and when it does come up, the remarks aren’t exactly scathing.

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“I am sometimes shy about it,” he said simply. “People ask me why my name is like this, and I tell them”.
“Sometimes people call me the smart guy,” he said. “Like Google, like I know everything”.

Oliver Kai, now 13 with floppy brown hair and braces, is sweet but totally uninterested in telling a journalist more than 7,000 miles away about what it’s like to be named after one of the most powerful of companies in the world.

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