How You Can Activate Spam Protection In Truecaller

This new feature from Google will automatically alert the users whenever they receive spam messages in the application. Moreover, Google’s support help section also explains how the new spam protection feature will function as far as the privacy perspective is concerned.

The support section clearly mentions that the when the feature is activated, some information about the messages received will be sent to Google. However, the message body or phone number will not be read; confirmed the company’s support section.

It remains to be seen how helpful this new spam protection feature will be for the users. However, if you are concerned with the data exchange on the applications, then it is recommended that you should keep the spam protection feature off.


Here’s how you can activate this new Spam Protection Features on Messages

1. First, the users need to download and install the Truecaller app from play store.

2. Then head straight for Settings on the Messages Applications.

3. After clicking on Settings, the Android users need to select advanced settings, followed by spam protection.

3. Post this, the users need to select ‘Enable Spam Protection’ toggle for enabling the features. Once done, you are good to go.

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