Fingerprint security is the next big thing coming to Android apps. This feature is an additional means of security to avoid unathorized access to your files and data.

Fingerprint security is finally coming to Whatsapp sooner or later after being available on some Nigerian Banks mobile app like Diamond Bank. When enabled, this feature will stop people from spying your WhatsApp chats anytime you give them your phone.

If you enable this feature on your WhatsApp, the app will prompt for Fingerprint authentication before you can have access to your chats. It will look like this image below.

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You will also get a prompt for fingerprint authentication whenever you launch the app from its icon, from the notification or from external pickers.

According to source; Whatsapp is said to be working on a new authentication feature which isn’t available globally yet as the feature is currently under development.

For now, you can’t protect specific chats. Meaning this feature will only protect the entire app (WhatsApp). When the feature is available, there will be a section in the app (located in Settings>Account>Privacy) where users can enable the fingerprint authentication feature.

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This feature has been scheduled to be available in the next few weeks, as it’s still in an alpha stage of development. It will be available for all Android & iOS users.

WhatsApp Audio Picker

WhatsApp is also working to improve the audio picker that will allow users to see the list of all available audio files stored in your phone. The user will be able to play the audio before sending it, and it is also possible to select more audio files to send!

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