The battery Apple ships inside each new iPhone is big enough to just about get you through the day under normal usage conditions. For most people, that’s good enough, but you need access to a charger every night. If you require longer battery life there’s many unofficial options; but now there’s also an official one in the form of a Smart Battery Case.

Apple extends iPhone battery life

How much the case extends battery life depends on which iPhone you own. iPhone XS owners get up to 33 hours talk time, 25 hours video playback, and 21 hours internet use. iPhone XS Max owners will enjoy 37 hours talk, 25 hours video, and 20 hours internet, but it’s iPhone XR owners who get the biggest boost from the case. Your XR will get 39 hours talk time, 27 hours of video, and 22 hours of internet.

Apple extends iPhone battery life

As this is an official case, Apple ensured it is compatible with Qi-certified chargers as well as being charged faster if a USB-PD compatible charger is used. All Lightning accessories are supported and the intelligent battery status displayed on your iPhone will recognize and take into account the charge left in the case automatically.

All versions of the Smart Battery Case are available to order from Apple’s online store with delivery in one business day. Apple’s retail stores should also be receiving stock

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