Intel Discontinues Optane-Packing Core+ i7-8700, i5-8400, i5-8500 Models

Intel introduced its new Core+ branding last year, but according to Intel’s documentation, it has already slated the new processors for discontinuance due to a lack of demand. Intel’s Core+ branding indicates the processors, or the devices they are installed in, come bundled with Optane memory. These three bundles; which include a processor and a 16GB Optane memory caching drive; were the only three bundled SKUs. The news comes as Intel and Micron are parting ways on their 3D XPoint; (the underlying memory behind Optane) joint venture.

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Intel’s Optane memory is a collection of software and hardware, such as 3D XPoint memory; that leverage the power of next-generation memory to boost storage performance. The Optane modules come as both cache and normal bootable SSDs that fill the good, better, best verticals, so they represent a growing portion of Intel’s storage business.

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Intel has the right to continue to produce 3D XPoint independently, and given its continuing investment in new facilities to produce 3D XPoint, it is unlikely that Intel is discontinuing these products due to the end of the partnership. Instead, it appears that the bundled products simply didn’t gain any traction in the market.

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