Tecno Mobile is one of the leading mobile company that has decided to bring about a new distributor for its products in the market being the Yellostone. This new initiative taken by the Tecno mobile is a seamless opportunity to make its sales grow and attain a huge chunk of customer base.

Tecno’s Collaboration with Yellostone

The General Manager of Tecno Mobile, Stephen Ha on the announcement of this collaboration said that Tecno mobile has always been making moves which prove to be beneficial for its customer and this collaboration also targets the ease of its clients.

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On the other hand, the CEO of Yellostone, Farid Ullah Jan also stated that this initiative taken on the part of company is going to bring a massive change in the market place and being the partners of Tecno Mobile they are going to work hard significantly to present and float the devices of the Tecno mobile in the market.

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Yellowstone is a widespread distribution network that started its services in Pakistan in the year 2017 and since its inception has been proving to offer an endless service in the context of distribution. However, this joint collaboration also seems to provide people a significantly ease oriented opportunities to join hands with the devices of Tecno.

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