Mobile apps have become a significant tool for companies as they present a convenient means to attract the attention of the consumer. According to a Clutch survey in 2017, around 42% of small businesses had an app, and another 30% of them had plans to build one in the future.

Every small business dream of having one, but it’s essential to ensure that one does enough research before picking the right app development company to design and develop the app. Finding the right company isn’t easy, but these are some of the significant points to consider before choosing a development company:

Evaluate the Project Scope

Not every business wants end-to-end development services, which include app strategy, development, design and post-launch support for marketing and maintenance. By assessing the scope of the services your company needs to outsource, you will get a better idea of the right development partner. For instance, for end-to-end development, using an off-shore development company comes with the risk of the app falling below expectations as it’s difficult to determine whether the development company has dedicated specialists for each service.

Similarly, for app design and development, it makes sense to hire a company that gives equal importance to both aspects. Otherwise, you may end up with an app that meets all the specifications but doesn’t deliver in terms of UI/UX. In some cases, your company may have the capability to handle the development but not the UI/UX design; in which case, it’s essential to hire a company that offers specialist services for the app design.

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Review the Work of Mobile App Development Company

Get details from the company about the latest projects they completed and undertake due diligence by checking whether these apps are on the app store. Download them to review their design and ease of use. Look at the app store ratings and reviews for the app. If a company doesn’t share its portfolio, it’s an indication that it doesn’t have enough experience in app development and design.

Besides reviewing the portfolio, ask the company about its average delivery timelines and processes. Usually, a company that uses Agile development has a more systematic approach to problem-solving the challenges faced during the app development process.

Assess the Development Company’s Expertise

The initial discussions can also allow you to assess the skills and creativity of the company as they will present examples of similar app development they completed, and the challenges faced – an indication that they have the expertise to guide you through the development process without significant setbacks.

If you are developing the app for more than one platform, the mobile app development company should have the skills to undertake the build on all the platforms. In most cases, a company that develops cross-platform apps has experience in working with several platforms. In the case of development for iOS or Android, choose a company that is well-versed with the guidelines laid out by each platform.

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