NetBeans (@ is an open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE). NetBeans began in 1996 as a Java IDE student project at Charles University in Prague. Sun Microsystems acquired NetBeans in 1999. In 2010, Oracle acquired Sun (and thus NetBeans).

Compared with its rival Eclipse ( (both are open-source, so I don’t know what are they competing for?), NetBeans provides seamless support for Java AWT/Swing, Java ME mobility pack, Java EE, and bundled with an excellent profiler for performance tuning.

NOTE (2018 Feb 01): NetBeans 8.2 might not work with JDK 9 at this moment. Stick to JDK 8 now, if you want to use NetBeans.

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1.  How to Install NetBeans 8.2

1.1  How to Install NetBeans on Windows

Step 1: Install JDK

To use NetBeans for Java programming, you need to first install Java Development Kit (JDK). See “JDK – How to Install“.

Step 2: Download

Download “NetBeans IDE” installer from There are many “bundles” available. For beginners, choose the 1st entry “Java SE” (e.g., “netbeans-8.2-javase-windows.exe” 95MB).

Step 3: Run the Installer

Run the downloaded installer.

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1.2  How to Install NetBeans on Mac OS X

To use NetBeans for Java programming, you need to first install JDK. Read “How to install JDK on Mac“.

To install NetBeans:

  1. Download NetBeans from Set “Platform” to “Mac OS X”. There are many “bundles” available. For beginners, choose “Java SE” (e.g., “netbeans-8.2-javase-macosx.dmg” 116MB).
  2. Double-click the download Disk Image (DMG) file.
  3. Double-click the “NetBeans 8.x.mpkg“, and follow the instructions to install NetBeans. NetBeans will be installed under “/Applications/NetBeans“.
  4. Eject the Disk Image (“.dmg“).
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You can launch NetBeans from the “Applications”.

Notes: To uninstall NetBeans, drag the “/Applications/NetBeans” folder to trash

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