5 more things to note before buying the Oppo F11 Pro


A few are seemingly trivial, others are important to the general longevity of the device. Either way, I think you’ll find them interesting.

The pop-up selfie camera on the F11 Pro is one of its most exciting features. However, it has an expiry use.

According to Oppo, the camera has a pop-up lifeline of 200,000. They say you can use the pop-up 100 times everyday for 6 years and this puts the number more accurately at 219,000.

Firstly, you’ll most likely not pop it 100 times a day. And when last has anyone used a smartphone for 6 years?

This means your phone will probably go bad first before the camera wears off.

However, I’ll advise switching security means from facial recognition to fingerprint or password. Better not get anywhere near 200,000 pops. Better safe than sorry.

A heavyweight champion

It’s easy to miss it, but this phone is really heavy. With a large handspan, I generally like phones with screens larger than 6 inches. This means I take for granted that the Oppo F11 Pro is 6.53 inches and weighs 222 grams with its plastic case on.

The F11 Pro on a measuring scale

That is

I like the size and my large hand can handle it, but most people I asked did not like the feel and weight at first glance.  It generally weighed down pockets and small purses and will awkward for people with smaller hands. .

Either way, this weight is a direct result of its 4,000 mAh battery.

Purchase gifts

Apparently, a complimentary box of freebies comes along with the Oppo F11 Pro. The fancy cardboard box contains a mini Bluetooth speaker, and vacuum flask.

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The speaker is midrange, not Bluetooth and nowhere near great as the bass on it is nonexistent. But it is a gift, so yeah.

Please note that I could only confirm this offer is available in Nigeria. Check if it is in your region.

Keyboard lag

There’s a slight lag on the keyboard of the F11 Pro, at first I thought it was because I was typing too fast, but it isn’t that. I noticed this delay in the review unit from, and now it’s still happening on my own device.

It’s almost imperceptible, but there. I changed the keyboard input from Gboard, to Touchpal and Swiftkey, yet it is still there.

Another user of the F11 Pro said she has not noticed this, and internet searches did not yield any similar reports.

It may be a bug or just my own experience. I will update this article with any further findings. Meanwhile, have you noticed this with your own phone?

More scratches

In my review, I mentioned that the Oppo F11 Pro is prone to scratches but apparently it’s even worse than I earlier envisaged. Regardless of how well I try to handle, the scratches are mind boggling.

Scratches on the F11 Pro

Grateful for a protective film and the plastic casing, you might want to leave both on for protection.

In conclusion, the Oppo F11 Pro is not the greatest smartphone experience I have ever had, but it shoots average out of the water; it is an excellent phone.

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