How to do a survey on Snapchat

You are probably aware that Facebook surveys are easy to publish and very engaging. Instagram introduced its survey feature in October 2017 and was an instant success. Twitter polls are also extremely popular and cover both entertaining and serious topics. Why are polls so popular on social media?

People like to answer questions and make quick decisions. They like to express their opinions, especially when there is a quick and easy way to do it. Performing a survey is a fun way to get in touch with your followers. It can also help you attract new ones. Some polls start conversations, while others simply give people a funny question to think about.

If you mainly use Snapchat for your social media, however, you will be baffled to learn that the app currently does not have the option to allow you to create polls for your friends and followers. Surveys published on Snapchat Discover can be compiled.

But if you want to run a survey of your own, you need to use a third-party system. Polly was the most popular app to perform surveys on Snapchat, mainly due to its simplicity and ease of use. You can complete Polly surveys in Snapchat’s internal browser, making it a simple and fast alternative installed on your phone.

Unfortunately, this app went up in smoke a few months ago and has not yet returned. So if you want to get in touch with your followers by doing a survey, you need to look for a different solution.

There are many apps and websites that do polls to choose from. The following tutorial focuses on PollsGo, but the same basic steps apply to survey authors.


PollsGo is an intuitive way to do surveys. Here’s how to conduct a survey using the site on your mobile device.

Open on your computer or smartphone. Surveys can contain more questions. But this is not true for all survey apps and websites. In some cases, only individual questions can be answered. Do you want survey participants to see results immediately? Or would you rather be the only person who has access to such data?

Both approaches can be interesting. If your followers see the results after voting, you will get an immediate topic of discussion. On the other hand, it can be fun to define a limited voting period and share the results with your followers after that. Check the box if you want survey respondents to see how the survey is going.


Now it’s time to put together your survey. Although it is fun to stick to a theme with all your questions, you can also create a catchy poll if you combine personal and generic questions. Some apps and survey websites help you with ideas for questions.

This is a big part of why Polly was so popular. That app offered a wide range of interesting and appropriate survey questions for you to choose from. With PollsGo, there are three types of questions you can create:

Personal question: here you can choose from eight personal questions. Some of the questions invite honesty: for example, you can ask “Who am I for you?” Or “Something I have to work on”. On the other hand, some questions are lighter, like asking your followers to determine which kind of movie suits you best.
Group questions: group questions refer to the dynamics of your group. Here, survey participants can express anonymous opinions about other group members. For example, one of the questions is “Who would survive longer in a zombie apocalypse?” This option is more interesting if you have a closed group of Snapchat followers. Once again, you can change any question after selecting it.
Your question: this is probably the option you will use most often. After all, PollingGo questions would get boring if I didn’t even include unique questions. Ask for something that is close to the interests of your followers.
After selecting a question, it’s time to give survey participants the options to choose from. If you have selected a personal question, you can choose some stock market answers.

But again, you can modify or delete any suggestion on the website. You cannot add more than six options. Furthermore, there must be at least two options for each question, although it is OK if the options are identical.

Here you can also change the background color of your questions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add images to your polls in PollsGo.

Now PollsGo will create the survey to share with your followers on Snapchat. There will be a URL that you can copy. There are also buttons that allow you to share the survey on various social media, including Snapchat, but all it does is copy the link to the clipboard anyway.

From here, open Snapchat on your device and start creating a snap. To paste the link you will need to use the paper clip icon to the right of the app. With your shared link, you can decorate and customize your Snap as you like. We recommend telling people to scroll up to vote in your survey.

After sending your Snap to users and posting it to your story, your Snapchat community will be able to use PollsGo to vote directly on their phone and you can use the link within the survey to check the results.

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