How to stop People from Adding you to Groups on Whatsapp

One of the most annoying user experience on whatsapp is the privilege given to anyone to add you to groups without your consent. some people with just wake up, open whatsapp and aimlessly add You to groups that you probably has no business with. Well guys there is a good news.

and the Good news is that

Whatsapp During their last update has just release a new feature that allows you to determine who can add you to group and who cannot. though this feature has been existing on telegram for long, but i tell you there was no better feelings when i discovered our dear whatsapp too now has this feature. the termed it Group privacy setting.

The three available options are Everyone

, Contacts only or My Contacts except

Now any blocked user can only send you invite link which you will have to decide to join or not. no more unsolicited group. Sometimes they add you to groups and you will not want to exit because you dont want to offend the admin.

TO stop the Nonesense

  1. Launch your WhatsApp app
  2. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups and choose or prevent users from automatically adding you to groups without your permission.
  3. The feature is available for both IOS and Android Users.
  4. If its not found on your Whatsapp You can update your copy of the App. cos its only on the updated versions.

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