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Kuli-kuli is a well Known snack that almost Everybody born Nigeria,  northern Cameroon, Benin, southern Niger and  Ghana has either eaten or at least seen. It is a product of Processed Groundnut.  groundnuts are firstly roasted then milled into a fine paste. The paste contains oil which will is eventually extracted. the past will then be molded into a  shape of choice. which is then fried with the same oil which was earlier extracted from the paste.


Kuli Kuli like i said earlier is largely consumed by africans. It has help a lot of families  like my mine, stay healthy and fed. the best companion of Casava Flakes (Garri) Still remains Kuli Kuli.


A lot of individuals, Companies and organizations has tried to package Kuli Kuli, and in fact people are exporting to our brothers in diaspora to buy, but the funniest thing is that the name still remains KULI KULI. so one will begin to wonder, upon all this packaging no one dares to give it an english name.

Packaged Kuli Kuli
Packaged Kuli Kuli.

is it that it doesnt have an english Name or nobody thinks about it or probably it difficult to name.

Please help us out with your thought

What is the english name of kuli kuli?

Drop Your Answer using the comment Section, Surprise awaits the best Name giver thank you.


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