Young man retires at 24 after saving N276 million
  • 27-year-old Mike Rosehart retired three years back when he was only 24 – The IT business analyst also bought his first house at 19 and managed to save N276 million as at the time he was retiring – According to Mike, he saved aggressively and lived frugally to gain financial independence At 24, most people are just at the starting point of their career and still figuring what life is about but not 27-year-old Mike Rosehart who retired at age 24, after saving N276 million and buying his first house at age 19. According to the IT business analyst, he saved aggressively and lived frugally until he gained financial independence. When asked, he revealed that the key is saving more than one’s expenses and having the discipline to live through it.
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Mike also believes that anyone and everyone can achieve financial independence and stop needing to work with a little financial wizardry – he’s even taken in three mentees to teach them his saving skills, Metro reports.

Mike said: “The secret to retiring early is: spend less, earn more and maximize the returns on the difference. the hard part is executing it. Most of us can’t resist the Starbucks, the trip abroad or the new cellphone. Delayed gratification is the secret to financial independence.

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27-year-old Mike Rosehart retired three years back when he was only 24. Photo: Metro UK. Source: UGC Rosehart had to give up a lot of things to keep up with his goal of saving. He hit upon the idea of retiring early when he was studying at the Ivey Business School in Ontario, Canada, in 2010. He came across Early Retirement Extreme, a book about becoming financially independent on a median salary by Danish astrophysicist Jacob Lund Fisker. That was the key to his financial independence life. He was able to get his wife onboard and together they saved money, started buying houses and renting them out. Over the course of three years, they were able to buy 10 properties.



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