A Twitter user has narrated how a Nigerian man called off his traditional wedding after finding out his fiancee took his photos to a shrine.

According to @Nnamdianekwe, the man who stays abroad cancelled the wedding after stumbling on a Whatsapp chat in which the lady told her mother that she took her fiance’s name and photos to a shrine and temple.

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He tweeted;

A proposed traditional marriage to be held next week has collapsed this afternoon. IJGB stumbled on his fiance’s WhatsApp conversations with her mother where she indicated to have submitted the boy’s pictures and names to a couple of shrine and temple. Nsogbu adigo

This is not a surprising news. This is common practice nowadays but to know someone directly involved in the brouhaha is quite upsetting to be honest.

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Nigerian man allegedly cancels wedding after finding out his fiancee took his photos to a shrine

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