They won’t be banning phones, but the Chinese will have to build their own quantum computer.

The American government is almost done preparing new rules which should limit the export of high-tech solutions to adversaries around the world.

According to Reuters, the new legislation which is being drafted by the Department of Commerce, focuses on five rules which should keep things like quantum computers out of the hands of the Chinese, or possibly Russians.

When the government sought industry opinion on the legislation last year, it fuelled speculation that it would hinder technology exports, significantly. However, given that the US aims to limit a very narrow set of advanced technology, it seems as those fears were unfounded.

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“Based on their titles, the rules appear to be narrowly tailored to address specific national security issues, which should go a long way to calming the nerves of those in industry concerned that the administration would impose controls over broad categories of widely available technologies,” said Kevin Wolf, former assistant secretary of commerce for export administration.

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The Department of Commerce decided not to comment further or to give additional details, but told Reuters it had a “number of proposed rules in the review process”.

Despite all of this, industry players shouldn’t relax too much, given that the Commerce Department could issue more rules in the future, further hindering the export of technology.

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We are yet to learn when these rules will be made public, or what the control would be for individual countries, clients and use cases.

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