In this century …it is unbelievable that NLC/TUC/ NgComCommission NCC and associated pension commission seems not to be aware of the challenges some employees are facing with their employers…

It is appalling and heartrecking to know that in Nigeria today Major Telecommunication companies like (#MTNNG, #AirtelNigeria #9mobileng ) do not care about it field maintenance engineers welfare, no public holiday,no weekends , no closing hour, no shift (24hr/day) nor even allowance or overtime to compensate for the time and most alarming, no retirement savings ( pension savings) no graduity and poor salaries … The painful aspect of it is that most of these employee work in high-risk areas(North and South) with no security measures and no body cares if anything happens to them… Imagine if sick or get involved in an accident beyond 5days your name is sorry… this only happens in Nigeria…

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From personal experience with one of the victims..he said he was told at the inception of the job that he is entitled to pension, health insurance and other benefits but to his greatest surprise he has been working for the past 7 months and he has not received any credit on his pension account neither has his family been able to access health services. On inquiring from his colleagues and supervisor he was told that they are experiencing the same thing and when they complained they were threatened with a sack…no unionism is allow too and because everyone is afraid of losing their job coupled with the rate of unemployment in #Nigeria they have been enduring it…

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Thus the question…Is there a union or an agency here in Nigeria that is designated to checkmate this kind of labour maltreatment?…if yes! Then this should be shared till it get to them ASAP..

It is also note worthy that these guys are the cornerstone within the network… they face abuses most of the time to better the end user experiences on daily basis yet they are been treated this way

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