• A young lady, Ifeoma, who happened to be a survivor of the Ikeja Cantonment bomb blast in 2002, is calling on the government

  • Ifeoma claims to have been the only surviving child among all those at the canal that were killed by the blast – The young lady who was about 4-years-old at the time is now calling on Atiku Abubakar for help and compensation It was the beginning of several days that people will never forget on January 27, 2002, when there was a bomb blast at Ikeja Cantonment.

Many lives were lost in the blast and many more in a canal which people ran into to seek refuge not knowing that it will kill them. There were only a few survivors from the canal accident.

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A young lady identified as Ifeoma (@ify_evelyn) on Twitter has taken to the microblogging site to remind people about that dreary day and how she was the only one to survive in the canal.


Sharing newspaper cuttings of the report from the bomb blast, Ifeoma showed proof that she is indeed a survivor as she called on Atiku Abubakar and perhaps the federal government for help.

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In a post shared on her Instagram page in 2018, Ifeoma talked about how she escaped death during the blast and how the government is yet to fulfil its promise to the survivors.

She wrote: “I escaped death !! It would have been too young to die But God changed my story (27/1/2002) during the bomb blast that happened in Ikeja cantonment when I was just 3+years old.

that took the lives of millions of souls including that of my kid brother, and left me the only surviving child among all those that were drowned on that day at the Canal .. so many lives were lost, properties on that day.

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In the post, she prayed for God to touch the heart of the government to remember the survivors and fulfil their promises.

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