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Road Splits Into Two, About 100 Houses Destroyed In Akure Explosion

Road Splits Into Two, About 100 Houses Destroyed In Akure Explosion

About 100 residential buildings, school and churches were destroyed in an explosion that rocked Akure, the Ondo state capital, on Saturday morning.

The loud explosion happened in the early hours of Saturday, 28th of March 2020, around 1 am, causing the ever busy Akure/Owo road to be split into two with many injured.

 akure explosion

According to Nigerian Tribune, the explosion happened less than a Kilometer to Akure airport, affecting many rresidents of the Eleyowo community, and also completely destroying a church and school in the area.

Many people who lived within the church premises were said to be injured while some were rescued by the people of the community. The school with boarding facilities was destroyed beyond repair with roofs of all the buildings blown off.


The spot at which the explosion happened cut off the road, hindering vehicular movement.

Folks on social media are arguing that this may be a bomb blast, while others are convinced that this was an asteroid. While some say it may just be an earth quake.

@YemieFash: Explosion rocked Akure overnight, destroyed houses including Possibility Church building, Ogbese, filling station and divided the road leading to Owo into 2 along the church axis. Source: Radio Nigeria, Positive FM

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@Kinglamarr___: If Akure wasn’t in Nigeria we would have known what that loud sound was.🤦🏽‍♂️

@EbongJc: Something is going on in Nigeria and its about time we know what’s happening. Just some weeks ago, this happened in Lagos. Now it’s Akure.. Can someone in government tells us what’s happening? Explosion rocks Lagos and Ondo States.

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@dafenone_: So something happened in akure around 1am and we don’t know what it is? We just dey see giant hole for ground. We don’t have NASA or all those weird agencies. Can someone consult the Chief Priest???

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