Adeniyi Johnson, just like his ex-wife, Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham who decided give back to the community in Osun State by blessing the elderly ones, widows and single parent with foodstuffs to help them survive this lock-down period, has also extended kindness to those in the rural areas.

Mr Johnson who has since remarried to another actress, Seyi Edun, shared his experience via Instagram and urged other celebrities to join him

He wrote, ” It pains my heart that this is the little we can do… my heart bleeds at the level of poverty and penury… It’s so disheartening that what we call little or small means alot to some people… I wasn’t going to post this but was compelled to reasons being ….. .

  1. So it can draw attention from celebs to do same in their environment.. which I know some would have and still will.
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2, So the billionaires who are donating can see the actual people who needs donation and not the show offs

3, So people who has more than enough can please for the sake of God and love share

4, So government can see that there’s hunger in the land and people are getting fed up of staying back without anything to eat ..please do the needful

So you and I can be grateful for life … for grace to give and the ability to receive.. 6, The CHURCH AND MOSQUE TOO…. open the treasury and feed people.. when this is over we will do Thanksgiving remember?

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.N.B.. I stayed back so as not to attract attention and maintain peace but it wasn’t enough as people still troop out in quest for survival…
My utmost Thanks to almighty God the ULTIMATE GIVER for making me a tool to give not that I have more than you or surplus but the grace to give and special thanks to my wife who supported all through @i_am_shai.. I love you baby ❤❤ and to my entire team who are the true definition of fan page and fan groups…. I make bold to say YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST @adeniyijohnsonfanspage ❤❤❤…. I appreciate the admin @official_inluvsilver @bakarebolajisodiq and everyone … I’m so grateful you guys brought this to life… you spent your money, time, energy and all… you ignored all risk and came out…CORONA VIRUS WILL NOT BE OUR PORTION IN JESUS NAME ….GOD BLESS YOU ALL… and I LOVE YOU ALL❤❤…
I and my team have done the little we can… we will visit other areas if we generate fund… pray for us that’s all we need …”

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Nigerian actor Adeniyi Johnson

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