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Yoruba Movie: Who do you think can play any character? Odunlade or Chatta? Here are what people think

Scores of twitter users have engaged in a supremacy battle over who is more versatile in Yoruba movies between Odunlade Adekola and Ibrahim Chatta.

Odunlade Adekola

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a twitter user Swavey with twitter handle @Rookie_swaveyy set the stage for the debate when he asked who was more versatile in movie roles between the duo.

Adekola and Chatta are both actors mostly in the Yoruba movie and they have both produced a number of Yoruba movies to their credit.

Ibrahim Chatta

NAN reports that Adekola an indigene of Otun-Ekiti in Ekiti state was recently rumoured to be the crown king of the town, however Chatta is of the Nupe tribe in Kwara State, but speak Yoruba fluently.

One of the twitter user, Ayobami with twitter handle @haywhyrichy said that Odunlade bought her interest back to Yoruba Movies.


Somtochukwu with twitter handle @Laujasom said Odunlade could not be compared, adding that this was sequel to his ability to combine any role assigned to him as actor.

According to him, aside the fact that Odunlade is tall, his expression, sarcasm endears his heart to him and can fits into any role be it husband, gateman, Alfa, Babalawo (herbalist).


Somtochukwu said Odunlade remained one of the reasons he loved to watch Yoruba movies. Toluwalase  with twitter handle @walase on his part said Odunlade was nobody’s mate, stressing that anyone who compared him to Chatta was only being mischievous, saying, “let me see anyone compare him to Ibrahim Chatta, problem ma wa.”

Another twitter user, Victoria also said anyone who compared Odunlade to Chatta was disrespectful, saying, “who is even comparing him to Ibrahim Chatta? That person is disrespectful.”

odunlade adekola

However, Falade Damilola, a twitter user said, although Odunlade remained his favorite actor, saying, “but the question is who is more versatile, so Ibrahim Chatta is more versatile than Odunlade 100 per cent.”

According to Adesoji Samson, well presently I will give it to Chatta but before Chatta became famous I give it to Odunlade.  I like Chatta now, but before now it was Odunlade

Oyinda with twitter handle @stealthpiloter said there was a big difference between acting a role and interpreting a role.

Ibrahim Chatta

According to her, Odunlade is a good actor, but that Chatta guy is completely versatile and he makes complex roles look almost genuine.

Oyinda said she would pick Chatta over Odunlade because of his ability to interpreted roles


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