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Meet Yoruba Actor Saheed Balogun, His Wife, All his Children And Things You Never knew.

Saheed Balogun is an actor of fast credit, he has a grand sense of mission that he was going to be an entertainer, as a child all he wanted as a career was to be an all rounder on the field of entertainment. The most memorable day for this actor was on August 26, 2006 that was a day he had an accident on his way home from location and he was already taken to the mogue but his mentor Almighty God brought him back to life he said. Saheed Balogun first movie was in the year 1989 in Kwara state and it was titled Ori Apere.


His first TV national soap opera was Winds of Destiny. He earned his first salary in Ilorin and it was in the year 1989 at the Kwara state council for Art and culture it was #130. He left primary school in 1978 and go back to secondary school in 1985. His first car was a BMW that he brought 19 years ago. His first girlfriend was in secondary School, they used to call her Bose but she is from Ebira land, she taught Saheed how to speak Ebira language.


Saheed Balogun is a God fearing person with a humble beginning and the graduate of statistics from Kwara state polytechnic. He grow up in the north, his late father was a soldier and his late mother was a trader. He is a typical Yoruba man from Oyo State. Saheed Balogun has featured in numerous movies and he has received several awards and nominations.

Year 2014 has been so called a challenging and trouble period in Saheed Balogun’s life, all his audience and fans were shocked at Saheed Balogun and his Ex wife Fathia Balogun when they got divorced. Haven been married for whole 14 years they decided to split up never the less he did not stay alone for long time and then started dating Funke Tayo Sofowora, however that union did not last. Well for now Saheed Balogun’s relationship is private, he has been making his relationship status private for a while now.

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