Microsoft posts first photo shot with Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Duo was first announced last year at Microsoft’s Surface event and is Microsoft’s vision of what a smartphone should be able to do with its dual hinged display form factor.

Today, Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer posted the first image shot with the Surface Duo to Instagram. If you recall the product video of the Surface Duo, it doesn’t have any cameras on its exterior, so we do believe we’re looking at an image shot with the internal/selfie camera.

Microsoft posts first photo shot with Surface Duo

Given the circumstances it’s hard to read much into the image quality. The photo certainly doesn’t look bad with decent colors and dynamic range, but we’ll reserve final judgement for when we get more representative samples. For what it’s worth Microsoft promised a “world class camera”.

Microsoft posts first photo shot with Surface Duo

Microsoft still plans to launch the Surface Duo at the beginning of the holiday shopping season 2020. This disproves a report from February suggesting that Microsoft may bring the device to market ahead of schedule, but with 2019 hardware.

The Sufrace Duo is a dual-display device with two 5.6-inch displays and support for the Surface Pen. The device will run a Microsoft-skinned version of Android, but the majority of its hardware is yet to be confirmed.

Source (Instagram)

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