Chuwi AeroBook Pro 15.6 offers best user experience

The Chuwi that we all know is that Chinese brand that makes cheap laptops and tablets bu then the company’s stance changed in recent years when it released a couple of sleek looking laptops with slim frames. The recent AeroBook Pro 15.6 offers an interesting user’s experience at a competitive price point something which seems to be the company’s ideology anyway.

The Chinese company wants to introduce a new series of AeoBook into the laptop market as it already listed on IndieGoGo platform. Th new PC is expected to come with great performance and interesting features such as a large 15.6-inch UHD+ display while being powered by an Intel Core i5 Processor with the Intel’s Iris Graphics 500. The body chassis is made of metal and offers a full-sized keyboard setup which should be great for both content creation and gaming experience.

It features a quite Powerful Intel i5 Processor

While most expensive gaming laptops nowadays have long passed the Intel Core i5 chipset, this for what it’s worth started from that level making a really ideal piece of device for those who wants to have a cool simple gaming experience.

Chuwi AeroBook Pro 15.6 offers best user experience

Aside that, it has other specifications whereby the processor has a frequency of 3.5GHz featuring four threads. It also carries an Iris Graphics 550 graphics card with a base frequency of 300 MHz and can reach 1.1Ghz. It is a perfect match for playing graphics-intensive and light stand-alone games.

The Iris 550 graphics card is smart enough to handle any large 3D scenes efficiently at 55 frames per second. It can easily run stand-alone games like a Tomb raider with 50 frames per second in the game test.

aerobook pro gaming experience 2


And speaking of the hardware, the design is pretty slim which is sort of Chuwi’s signature and that’s not a bad thing after all. The reality is that the ability for the device to dissipate heat might be questionable because there is no fan system. You must have seen the likes of AlienWare and how many fans they do have as well as the design.

Chuwi AeroBook Pro 15.6 offers best user experience

Not to spoil this great looking product but anyway, the Chuwi AeroBook Pro is an interesting laptop for those who want to have a great experience, portability as well as affordability all packed up in one place. CHuwi AeroBook 15.6 is listed on Indiegogo for a 20% discount. You can know more about the device by heading to the official website.

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