Three teenage boys Ademola Emmanuel (16 years) and his accomplices, Samson Badejo (18 years) and Isiaka Babajide( 18 years) have been arrested by the Ogun State Police Command for attempting to kill one of their friends, Timothy Oluwatobi Adeniyi.

The trio planned to murder Timothy because he was percieved the most brilliant in their class.

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According to the suspects, Timothy no longer hung out with them because he felt they were not serious with their studies.

This action did not go down well with Ademola, Samson and Isiaka

Two of the culprits

Two of the culprits

They confessed to the attempted murder saying “We decided to kill him because in our street they only regard him because he is brilliant, amongst us, he is the only one they give gifts, even in school.

They abuse us his friends that we are dullards ,so many times our parents will tell us to be like Timothy, they call us fools and all sorts of names just because he is very brilliant”.

As we couldn’t take this anymore, also realizing that schools will resume soon we decided to eliminate him but luck ran out on us as we were caught in the process, he was rescued after we had stabbed him twice”.

With regards to the report, the Ogun State Public Relations Officer says the teenagers will be charged to court as soon as subsequent investigations are finished.

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