• Captain Tom Moore, a war veteran, has finally completed his fundraising lap for the National Health Service – The 99-year-old war veteran has raised £12 million (N5,785,535,308) for the NHS to fight the deadly coronavirus – He raised the money by walking lengths of his garden 100 times ahead of his 100th birthday A 99-year-old war veteran who set out to raise £1,000 (N482k) for the National Health Service (NHS) to fight coronavirus has raised more than £12 million (N5,785,535,308) for the NHS. Captain Tom Moore raised the money by walking lengths of his garden 100 times ahead of his 100th birthday – he completed the final lap on Thursday, April 16. Speaking before starting his final 10 laps on BBC Breakfast on Thursday morning, the war veteran said: “I’ve been in the army, we are used to getting up early.
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The service I had from the NHS is absolutely marvellous… they were been kind and attentive. “They have done so well for me and so well for everybody else.”

Is was gathers that Captain Moore expressed joy over the donations he got from people, saying it is unbelievable that people could be so kind to give that sort of money to the NHS.


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He wrote on Twitter: “I’m speechless… This amount of money will help the #NHS beyond what we ever thought was imaginable. “Thank you to everyone that’s helped me get there.” It was previously reported that Captain Moore raised $2.5m (N962.5m) for British health workers by attempting to walk the length of his garden one hundred times before his 100th birthday on April 30.

The National Health Service was helpful to him when he broke his hip, and Captain Moore decided to do something in return.

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused the NHS a lot as it treats a large number of people suffering from the deadly disease. The veteran, who served in Asia during World War II, assured the people of Britain that tomorrow would be a good day.

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