Hello Everybody,

the Coronavirus shutdown is now becoming something else for us

boredom has killed almost everyone at home Ok, we can’t change the situation because the virus is far too dangerous for everyone to risk their lives. I beg you all to stay at home please and stay safe instead!

When some people are abusing the valuable time that God has provided us with doing meaningless things that can not benefit their lives in any meaningful way, we implore all of you to make the best use of this opportunity to participate in activities that will positively improve your life.

here are thing you do this period to help you make good use of this period

1. Read A Book

From any area of your interest you can get a book ranging from political books to motivational books, or even fun books.

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Reading books makes the brain become more involved and gives you a new life viewpoint, improving creativity, imagination, memory, and vocabulary.

This also leads to reducing the stress level and promoting positive thinking.

2. Learn New Skills Online

There are thousands of fantastic online tools in different fields to help you grow over this time and keep yourself busy.

These skills will give you perspectives that will move you forward, get a better career, and even increasing your income. Some of those courses are

digital marketing

graphic design

Web design


statistics data analysis, etc.

3. Engage In Fitness Exercises

Exercising is a physical practice that improves strength and health.

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You can participate in everyday physical activity such as jogging around your com point, dancing and other indoor activities that help to increase the energy level, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve brain function, protect memory and cognitive skills and also help to lose weight.

4. Do Online Courses

Without a question, productive people are those who are constantly thirsting for information, and you can take online courses and obtain a technical qualification.

Getting certified differentiates you from other practitioners in your field or separates you, it gives you an edge that is significant in today’s competitive market.

Human Resource Management

Project Management Professional

Customer service and Oracle certification Programs.

5. Watch A Movie

That shutdown period gives you enough time to watch all the time-consuming movies you’ve always wanted to watch, but because of your tight schedules, you couldn’t have.

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Movies can be found on Netflix and Amazon prime, or you can get them from relatives. The Money Heist, Miracle In Cell No. 7, Game of Thrones and Grey’s Anatomy are just a few fun movies you may want to check out.


I hope you all enjoy this beautiful piece.

We will like to hear from you

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