Son of popular Yoruba comedian and radio presenter, late Gbenga Adeboye , took to twitter to remember his father who lost his life to a kidney-related disease on April 30th, 2003.

According to the son, Oladipupo, he spent he was 4 years old when his father died. He added that he remembers every moment with him, referring to the times they spent together as wonderful.

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Read all he said below;

”It’s 17 years today Dad. The legend of all time. The four years we spent together on earth was wonderful. I remember every moment… Your legacy lives on Pops. Keep on resting in perfect peace Gbenga-Adeboye Funwontan Pastor Oluwo Abefe.”

Before his death, Gbenga Adeboye was the chief host of a popular radio program presented in Lagos State Broadcasting Corporation in the early 1980s where he got the household name Funwontan Oduology.

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Gbenga who died at 44 years old was described as a generous comedian by a veteran Nigerian actress, Idowu Philips whose first car was a gift from the comedian.He was also described as merchant and performer of traditional Oduology by his fans

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