In news surrounding the unfortunate demise of one of the country’s top dancer, Kodak, an eyewitness has given an account of how the popular video vixen lost her life from electrocution.

Picture Kodak

It was earlier reported that Love Divine or Kodak got electrocuted while charging her phone at the Omole Estate home of music video director, Clarence Peters on Wednesday, April 29th evening.

She was later rushed to a hospital around the area where she was pronounced dead. An eyewitness who was present at the moment she died has given an account as can be read below,

“Note, her phone doesn’t have a pouch, she wasn’t wearing slippers and she was sweating on her palms. She was sitting on the floor. Where she saw was on the entrance and the door is a slide. U know where the slide door is fixed the railings is made of iron and her thigh was on it.

“The moment the current pass through to her hands and went through her body then she tried throwing the phone. That was when we noticed the phone fell on her chest and burnt her chest leaving on her skin the scale of a burnt pressing iron. At this point we had a faint sound from her slowly lying her back to the ground.

Picture Kodak

“U know she’s a lovely queen. We had thought she was making a selfie video all this while until we saw smoke from her chest. Immediately we called for help, they brought her out and we start blowing air for ventilation”.

After reports of her demise hit social media, a number of Nigerian celebrities, including the ones she had worked with, took to social media to mourn the great loss.

See some reactions from celebrities to her death below:

Korra Obadi shared videos of herself and the dancer when they had worked together and wrote:

“RIP Legend. @picturekodak. Someone please wake me up. This must be a dream. Electrocuted?This cannot be real. Please DM and tell me everything is ok! You were the most selfless person I ever worked with. Omg I can’t breathe! #RIP #LOVEDIVINE”.

See her post below:

See other celebrity tributes below:

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Watch the last video she shared below:

So sad, RIP to the dead.

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