The Yoruba Movies Stars are blessed with beautiful and adorable kids who can also follow in their footsteps in coming years but right now, some are currently doing good as a model child. The kids are so gorgeous that their parents never seize to flaunts their beautiful faces on social media.

Numerous actors are into some other businesses aside acting and that’s where these kids come in. Due to activities they are engaged in, their kids help in promoting too by modeling. Some kids are already receiving contracts aside from helping their parents. Here are some of the lists we got you.

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1. Bukola Adeeyo

Bukola Adeeyo and Daughter Janell
Bukola Adeeyo and Daughter Janell

The beautiful actress who came into limelight after joining Odunlade Adekola Films Production (OAFP) has an adorable daughter in Janell Princess. Janell is really famous and she has an Instagram account that is being handled by her mum (janell_princess). The account has over 70k followers which is quite impressive for her age as she is only three years old.

Bukola Adeeyo's Daughter Janell
Bukola Adeeyo’s Daughter Janell

2. Aina Gold and Monsuru Obadina

The actors whose son and daughter legally became husband and wives few years ago already have a beautiful daughter in Oluwatishe Aina Gold. She is only three years old too and also has an Instagram account handled by her mum (tishe_gold). She is a model kid and a brand ambassador.

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4. Liz Da Silva

The beautiful actress has a son named Raheem. He is also a model kid too and his Instagram page @momooreoluwa_abefemi has over 33k followers.


All Looking so lovely 😍

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