Dear husbands, your money is for you and your wife but your wife's money is not for you - Reno Omokri writes

Reno Omokri has said a husband has no business spending the money his wife makes.


He wrote on Instagram: ‘Dear husband, Your money is meant for you, your wife and your children to spend.


“But your wife’s money is not meant for you to spend.


“Don’t even think of it. Don’t make plans for it. Pretend it doesn’t even exists. Never eye her money. Leave it for her and the children. Make your own!

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“Men who put their eyes on their wives monies hardly progress. It is against nature and good judgment. Yes, two shall become one. But you are the head of the family. A head is designed to carry weight, and not just to Lord it about. Carry the weight!”


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Dear husbands, your money is for you and your wife but your wife

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