What Mother Omotola Jalade Does To My Femela Friends When They Visit Me – Omotola’s Son Opens Up

The first son of veteran actress and singer Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Captain E who is into music has opened p about how his mother treats his female friends who pay him visits.

Having a chat with City People, Captain E opened up on how his mother Omotola is very strict on them especially when it come to friends. He disclosed that his father the pilot is a very cool and the carefree type unlike his mother.

In his words…..

“Em, who has always been stricter? Honestly speaking, more of my mum. My dad is very carefree, he’s the more liberal type. Okay, maybe not now, but when I was younger, let’s say I had a couple of friends who were having a party or something of the sort, my mum will now be like, you have to go with the driver.

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You can’t take a taxi. You have to go with one of the helpers in the house or the guy that works in the house or something. I never went to any party because of that type of stuff. My sister did go to a party where she had the driver and one of the helpers at the time with her all through the party and she got irritated.

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She was like, you can’t even do anything, these people are just following you around. And that’s always the situation. So, because of that, I never really went to a party when I was much younger. As for my dad, all he’ll tell you is be safe, I’ll call you, then he’ll give you money and say go and have fun.”

On who gets furious the most when female friends visit him, Captain E said “Who will be more furious? My mum definitely. If there was anyone to beef you, it’s my mum definitely. My dad? No problems. He’ll probably just ask, who is she? And that’s it.”

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