Toyin Abraham speaks on ‘Fake Love’

Toyin Abraham revealed in a lengthy post that her new movie ‘Fate of Alakada’ was able to beat the record of her previous movie despite the difficulties the #EndSARS protest and COVID-19 presented and this is something she very grateful to God for.

In her words,

“Fam, please allow me brag about God, my fans, and Nigerians in general, for a few minutes. ⁣
See ehn, God has been wonderful and faithful to His name, and you guys have been amazing. Although this year has been quite a dramatic and intense one with COVID-19, the happenings in our country, the stipulated percentage of people allowed in the cinema, and other countless things that we cannot name, Fate of Alakada has been doing incredibly well at the cinema.

At a point, we faced some difficulties such as cinemas having no choice but to close down (for the protest’s sake), and some top cinemas in Ilorin, Surulere, and Jakande, getting destroyed in the process by hoodlums. Still, God kept showing His mercies.⁣

You know I told you guys that I have beaten my last cinema record. Yes, it is true, and I am telling you authoritatively, that I, Olúwatóyìn Dàda Abọ́sẹ̀dé aya Kọ́láwọlé Ajéyẹmí has beaten and surpassed my last record at the cinema, and right now, the only person I want to be better than, is the Toyin of last year and previous years.

Don’t forget that my last record, Ghost and the Tout made 77 million naira, and to confidently tell you that I have beaten this record makes me very happy.

Please guys, don’t forget that Fate of Alakada is still showing at the cinemas. Please go out there and keep me showing me love by watching it because I want to buy aeroplane o…⁣

Also, I want to say a very big thank you to my business partner turned family, @filmoneng, and to my husband turned business partner @kolawoleajeyemi, thank you, and to every celebrity and soul that has supported me, I say a very big thank you! And to all of my fans and everyone that seen the movie, I say God bless you exceedingly.⁣

Don’t worry, very soon, I’m gonna announce the amount we made at the cinema, but you guys should just know that if Ghost and the Tout was a box office hit with 77 Million naira, then ẹ gbà pé it’s not a joking sturv ..
PS: I’ll be posting our meet and greet videos very soon! You guys are too much. Mo love yín bàjẹ́ bàjẹ́”

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