‘Witches beat Me Every Night  and try to convince me to join them After I Featured In ‘Koto Orun’- Nigerian Actress (WATCH)

Veteran Nigerian actress, Iya Gbonkan has revealed that she almost lost her life after featuring in the movie ‘Koto Orun’ as witches flogged her in the spiritual realm every night for personifying their traits so well in the said movie.

Iya said if not for the intervention of her late husband, the witches would have killed her literally as they almost disfigured her. She said some of the witches approached her in later a bid to convert her into their fraternity.

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“After shooting Yekini Ajileye’s Koto Orun, we were all confronted with different challenges. About 5 days after the production, I was sleeping and some people started flogging me in my dream.

I was flogged mercilessly. They asked me how I got to know how witches behave. Thank God my husband was still alive as at that time.

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If not for him, I would have died. About three days after the incident, she asked me to join their witch coven. They tried persuading me to join the coven.”



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