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“COVID-19 Is Vicious, It Made Me The Most Unwell I’ve Ever Been In My Life”- iRoko TV Boss Says

Jason Njoku, Iroko TV boss and husband of actress, Mary Njoku, has shared his harrowing experience with the dreadful Coronavirus as he finally recovers from it.

Jason Njoku described the COVID-19 in his recent update on his Instagram page following his discharge from the hospital on Saturday, November 7, as ‘vicious and relentless.


According to the business executive, the virus made him the most unwell in his entire life.


In his words,

“24th Oct & 7th Nov. Finally leaving the hospital. Can barely walk more than 10m a time but I’m now resting at home. Covid19 is vicious, relentless and made me the most unwell I have ever been in my life. A long recovery ahead. But we thank God.”





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