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From Selling and Hawking Plantain chips As A Child To Best Actress, The Story of Toyin Abraham most people do not Know

Toyin Abraham is one of the most popular actresses in Nollywood; she came into the Nigerian film industry in 2003 and has since then gone from just being an actress to becoming a director and filmmaker. Her movie talents are not the only reason she is admired by many. Toyin Abraham’s biography is full of controversial episodes and scandals; keep reading to learn interesting facts that will impress you.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Early years and family

Toyin Abraham was born on September 5, 1984, in Auchi, Edo state, but her real hometown, where she spent most time of her childhood, is Ibadan. Her original birth name is Olutoyin Aimakhu. The actress is the youngest of five children in her family. Even though they were not rich, she generally describes her childhood as very healthy, funny and busy.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Her parents were into various farming activities, but their main vocation lay in religion. Her mother is a pastor and her father worked for Ibru organization, but retired when Toyin was a child. Now he helps his wife with church related programs.


The actress 2 diplomas in marketing from polytechnic institutions in Osun state and Oyo state. She also acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophical Sciences from Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Before obtaining her higher education, the actress was a pupil in St. Annes school. In those days, she learned to play drums, football and handball. She performed very well in sports that she became a member of the state team.

Iya Ibadan by Toyin Aimakhu (role)

Toyin Abraham’s Life before fame

Delectable screen diva, Toyin Abraham, popularly known as “World Best” is one actress that is more than ready to tell whoever cares to listen the many ordeal she went through in life, from selling and hawking plantain chips. She always derives joy in telling her story to inspire upcoming actresses in the industry. She is from a poor family and due to this, she had to hawk as a child to support her family.

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Toyin, never had it all smooth journey in the movie industry. She went through a lot of ups and downs and didn’t become successful until after 13 years in the industry, but she is presently one of the most celebrated actresses in Africa, especially with her recent award as the Best Actress in West Africa at the just concluded AMVCA.

Besides being one of the highest paid actresses in the industry, you can hardly see any blockbuster movie that won’t feature Toyin Abraham.

Toyin Abraham movies and awards

Toyin began her acting career in 2003 when another Nigerian film star, Bukky Wright, arrived at Ibadan to shoot a movie. Initially, she played small background roles, but soon rose to becoming a well recognized actress taking on lead roles. She also featured more in Yoruba movies like Ebimi ni and Alani Baba Labake. Below is the list of some popular movies she has starred in:

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham
  1. Sola Fe Pami
  2. Simbi
  3. Alakada
  4. Ile Oko Mi
  5. Okafor’s Law
  6. Jeje
  7. Eta Oko
  8. Iya Ibadan and others.

As mentioned earlier, Toyin Abraham is not just a remarkable actress but also a talented director and a filmmaker

She has won several awards including:

  1. Best supporting actress in a film (“Ebimi ni”) — 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards
  2. Best Actress in 2014 — Ben TV
  3. Best Nollywood Actress — MAYA Awards

She has also received celebrity awards from AMAA, NEA and some other popular media organizations. But the list of her successes includes more than just her achievements in the filming arena. The value of her assets is estimated to be N70m. In 2013, she started her own business — TAJ Dresses boutique, which is situated in Lagos. In 2014, she signed a multimillion contract with a huge technological company named Vas2Net.

In 2020, Toyin Abraham won Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for Best Actress of the Year Award

Changing her Surname

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Another interesting story from Toyin Abraham’s biography is connected with her surname. Several years ago, the actress’s PR manager published a post on social media, where he stated that Toyin is changing her surname from Aimakhu to Abraham. At first, most Nigerians came to the conclusion that the actress had gotten remarried to a new mysterious husband who insisted she changes her surname. She however provided a clear explanation later.


She said that the need for this “rebranding” lies in old family disagreements. Aimakhu is her dad’s surname and Abraham is her grandfather’s surname; her family made a decision to switch to their forefathers’ name.

Controversial roles and bad habits

If you ask Toyin what she feels about some of her previous roles, you will most likely sense regrets in her answer. When she was younger, she had a reputation of an actress who prefers to play very raunchy roles. After her marriage, she broke this habit but her name kept coming up on news portals. Her relationship with Adeniyi Johnson was closely followed by every Nigerian media company, and we don’t have to mention that a better part of these materials were based on dirty rumors and unnecessary speculations.

Toyin Abraham

But not all of the stories about her were fake because some of them were gotten from personal interviews with the actress. In one of such interviews, Toyin made a very surprising revelation — she talked about her bad experience with recreational substances.

Toyin also revealed that her parents never supported her desire to be an actress and admitted that she could never tell her mother or father about some of her roles in movies.

Getting Pregnant outside wedlock

Speaking on getting pregnant outside wedlock, the actress said, “I know a lot of people are going to criticise me for getting pregnant before marriage. Pardon me for that and I have asked for forgiveness from God,” she said.

The film star noted that unknowingly to her, her intimacy with her husband led to the pregnancy of her son Ire. Meanwhile, as she got closer to clocking 40 years, she begged God to give her a child.

“You know how I have been wanting to get pregnant, I have prayed, taken Agbo, and done everything,” she noted.

Toyin revealed that she was in Abuja for a conference with the first lady when she remembered that her period had not come. After the event, she got to her hotel room, got a test strip and it revealed that she was pregnant.

“I screamed when it came out positive and I put a call through to my husband to tell him that I was pregnant and that I was ready for us to get married,” she said.

According to her, it was after she took in that her traditional wedding was had. She noted that her court wedding may take place later.

Toyin Abraham Love Story

In a recent interview with Pulse TV, smitten Toyin Abraham opens up on their love story.

According to her, “I am in love. Anytime I talk about him, I am always blushing. We have been together in the industry for a very long time. He is my senior colleague. We started something in 2017. Then I was not even serious. That why I always tell people, never say never. When my sweet last marriage crumbled, I made a decision that I wasn’t going to have anything with any actor. But as God may have it, two years later.

But it has always been my dream to marry an actor. I had told God that I want to marry wherever I am working. Because I am this kind of person that play a lot. I am a very playful person and sometimes, some people don’t really understand me. So, I want to get married to a man who’s in same field with me, so I don’t have to keep explaining myself to my husband all the time. We have been friends for over 10 years. You know all this kind of quiet guys.

I am always looking at him like, he is too quiet, he is calm. There is this my friend, who happens to be his family friend, so whenever he comes to see him, I do ask him why he is so reserved. He would just accept you for who you are. He is that kind of guy. The kind of guy that accepts everyone, won’t try to change you or make you feel less who you are. “

She continued,

“Then whenever I am at Abeokuta, I used to call him or one other guy, my colleague too. I ask either of them to get me an apartment or hotel where I would stay because most times. I don’t stay where the crew are. So, our love started from there. It is just a mutual thing.”


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