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Lady Surprised And Excited As Man Refunds Money She Mistakenly Sent To His Bank Account

A lady ident ified as Rolivhuwa has shown much gratitude to a strange who returned her money after she mistakenly sent it.


According to the lady she mistakenly sent money to a wrong number.

After realizing its a wrong number, she called the person to plead if it will be refunded

The person accepted that he has received the money but will use it and refund it on 25 November 2020.

Luckily enough the guy has refunded the money and she is so excited

Her story has gone viral as her tweet attracted over 49.9k likes and 3.6k reposts as at the time of writing this report.

She tweeted, “Sent money to a wrong account a week ago, I contacted that person and he said he really need to use that money and he would send it back on the 25th. Guys, he just sent the full amount back now.”


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