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Failed kidney transplant, 22 surgeries, 1296 dialysis, I’m still standing- OAP Ugolee shares TESTIMONY

Popular On Air Personality, Emmanuel Ugolee has taken to social media to share his testimony.

According to him, he underwent 22 surgeries including a failed kidney transplant since his kidney failed 10 years ago, he has 1296 dialysis, a colon cancer scare, yet he’s still standing.

Grateful to God and everyone for the support, he wrote;

“Look who is standing. Standing after about a decade since both kidneys failed.

After a failed transplant and 22 surgeries of all sorts, from the thighs to the eyes. With several cuts and scars

After four 911 rides and several near strolls to the other side.

After over 10 hospitals in 4 countries.


After 1,296.00 sessions of dialysis

After a colon cancer scare

After disappointments from men.

After almost a million dollars

After bouts of depression

Yes! Guess who is still standing?
Standing healthier, standing stronger, standing wiser, standing more hopeful and zesty than ever.
Doing everything he sets his mind to and making all his dreams come true

In the same journey where the graves have claimed many, on a day like this when everyone is grateful. I look back and then I look up and say Thank you Jehovah.

Look too at your journey and see that you too have every reason to salute the soldier in you. Keep fighting.

NB:Grateful to all of you for the support here.”


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