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Tope Alabi’s daughter attacked after denouncing dad…declares love for step-dad

Ayomikun, daughter of popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi, addressed the paternity scandal rocking the family.

The scandal was birth after one Mayegun Olaoye had claimed to be Ayomikun’s father, while alleging that Tope Alabi had blocked every avenue for him to know his biological daughter in the past 22 years.

Responding, Ayomikun in a chat with PUNCH denounced the Mayegun Olaoye and clearly stated that the only father she knows is her mother’s husband, Soji Alabi.

Mayegun Olaoye

“ I will always know that my father is Soji Alabi. I do not know any other person and I have never met any other man. I cannot blatantly deny him because I have heard about him but I have never had anything to do with this man.


My mother never blocked the avenues for us to see. My mother even tried for me to have a relationship with him. I remember when I was about 15 years old, she used to tell me about him but he never tried to reach out to me.

“I am very grateful to God for the kind of mother and father that I have. After God, my parents are next in my life,”

“I cannot bear his surname. How can I bear the surname of someone that I have never met? There is no sense in that. I do not even know his surname. How can I bear the name of someone I have never met?
“God knows my real father and everyone knows who my real father is. I did not know this man when I was in crèche, daycare, primary, secondary or during my university days. I graduated and did not get a congratulatory message; absolutely nothing from him.

“So, there is no much story to tell. It is just a story about an irresponsible father and he is trying to cut every relationship he could ever build with his so-called daughter. I genuinely do not know why he is coming out after 22 years.”

Ayomikun further shared a photo of Soji Alabi on her Instagram page with the caption “Love of my life ❤️❤️❤️, a Father like no other I love you pah❤️❤️❤️ @officialpopesojialabi


Meanwhile the action has sparked mixed reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Here a few reactions as gathered by Kemi Filani News:

One Godwin iroegbu wrote “The truth can only be told by man why he abandoned her daughter why the mother will be economical with the truth to the girl, but no matter the difference btw both, the man didn’t do well for not been responsible. The girl should find a heart to forgive his biological Father while thanking Dad Jesu for using the Forster father to train her. She should be Happy for having 2father’s while some children are looking for who to be their father.”

One Ekatte Ubong wrote “By her statement u will know the mother have spoiled her before the father and she live by the words and the teaching of her mother, my advise to the biological father is to forget about her bcos nothing gud will ever come out from her , by their fruit we shall know them.”

One Toyosi wrote “If this woman didn’t make it in life the man won’t come back to claim the daughter meanwhile his not after the daughter, he only want to gain popularity that he once dated the woman”

One Iyke Uche wrote “If anyone blackmailed the other in this story, it was Tope Alabi that blackmailed the man long time ago. She brainwashed the girl to hate her biological father. It is a terrible thing to do. Take Tonto Dike and her baby daddy for example. Everyone knows how Churchill has tried to reach his son but Tonto blocked the avenues. Until some women stop their pathetic manipulation and “sympathetic” story during dispute between them and their baby daddy, stories like this will continue to come up. Some men should try to be responsible in marriage issues to avoid issues like this.”

One Linda wrote “Advise to men who find themselves in this situation: ” Fight from the beginning, from the moment you know you have your seed out there.”

One Obiagha Emmanuel wrote “We have a lot of terrible and irresponsible fathers and we have terrible mothers who are like witches themselves. The biggest problem in homes today ranges from people who fall in love for sexual gratification without plans to marry and bingo pregnancy sets in. The end product is this kind of story you are reading. May God deliver homes.”


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