‘I Married Regina Daniels In 3 Weeks, She Knows I’ll Marry Again – Ned Nwoko (Video)

Billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko has revealed that he married his youngest wife, Regina Daniels within three weeks of meeting her.

Nwoko who revealed this much in an interview with BBC said, he met Regina Daniels for the first time when the actress came visiting with her mother, Rita Daniels at his home, noting that his home was/is a tourist attraction and then he proceeded to marry her without hesitating.

In the Interview, Ned revealed that he does not support dating in any form as it takes away from the excitement of learning each other, when couples finally marry.
“I meet her and I like her. We marry within three weeks. I marry all my wives within the same period. I don’t believe in dating anybody to marry them. Don’t date anybody you will marry, When you marry them, you will begin to fall in love with them marriage. Even in my culture, people don’t date before marriage ,” he said.

The billionaire and politician disclosed that, even the cultural practice of his native town supports this as in the past, marriages were arranged by family members with the intending couple not getting to meet each other until the day of their wedding

Ned Nwoko also stated that, even before the advent of Christianity tradition allowed men to marry many wives.
“Christianity doesn’t allow multiple marriages in the South but an average man in the South has up to 10 girlfriends. I love my culture. Igbo culture is wonderful, and should be promoted the way it has always been.

The polygamist further stated that Regina Daniels knows that he can marry another wife if he chooses to


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