Greetings they say is a moral obligation in the gathering of intellectuals, this I humbly bring to all Nigerian students under her apex body National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). Friends please accept my solidarity greetings in the spirit of Aluta.

Having had the conviction to serve this prestigious Association of ours with a goal oriented intention, I present myself to you, that through your votes and unflinching support, I shall have the legitimacy to serve.

As we approach the decision making point of the electioneering and campaign activities regarding the fast approaching NANS National Convention 2020, I humbly render my point of view and proposed plan of action for our dear association in line with my aspiration to the Office of the President.


First, I opine to begin with a statement of fact. The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is the largest students based association/conglomeration in Nigeria, and by extension Africa. This fact is easily backed by the prevalence of more persons between the defined age spectrum for young people by the United Nations, within the four walls of tertiary institutions in the country. By default, this places a lot of responsibility on the Nigerian Students movement, as its voice indeed holds the capacity to resound beyond the enclosure of our local geographic space, as well as also tip positive results into the larger the youth populations in the Nigerian Polity.

My aspiration for the office of the president NANS is not of personal fixation, rather it is heavily embedded with passion, confidence and hard work. Therefore, should I be elected as the PRESIDENT of NANS I shall embark on the following programs and projects which I term “THE DYNAMIC PLAN”

√ UNITY: The first step is to harmonize all the students bodies (NANS,NAPS,NAUS AND NANCES), we shall work as one in our different capacities but with one goals, as it is crystal clear that Divided we fall and united we stand.

√ Constituting a 20 men committee to collect data of all Union leaders who where unjustly rusticated, expelled and suspended, I will further device means to reinstate them by consolidating on our 3C’s of Struggle, consultation, Consolidation and Confrontations (if the needs arises). We must understand the fact that the gentility of a lion is not a sign of weakness but an edge to proper striking.

√ Principally, The Student First priority will be my driving force, this I will do to ensure students welfare and wellbeing, I shall ensure I go round all the tertiary institutions across the 36 states including FCT to see the level of there infrastructural decay such as hostels, classrooms, transportation mechanism, health facilities etc;
I will further engage relevant government agencies, and private organizations to ensure all this inhumane problems faced by Nigerian students are properly addressed.


√ My Administration will remain committed to ensuring unnecessary interruptions to the academic calendar stops. This has caused our students more harm than good, so many end up spending far more years in university than the stipulated period on admission letters.
NANS will served as an interface between Federal government, State governments, ASUU, ASUP and COEASU to avert Unnecessary strike actions.

√ NANS under my watch will launch a Health scheme where we shall ensure we have a workable NHIS scheme to cater for our students health issues. Similarly, a 24hour hotline shall be initiated in case of health and other medical emergencies such as accident etc; further more I shall ensure that my students health insurance under NHIS is been revived to a work able scheme.

√ To go further in life, you must stand on the shoulder of those that are ahead of you, I shall carry along our past leaders and stakeholders who have the interest of NANS, in order to secure their wealth of ideas and experience which cannot be over emphasized to deliver a good governance.

√ I will ensure NANS becomes financially independent, instead of dishing out phony awards to raise fund, I will ensure NANS have what I called the NANS NIGERIA ENTERPRISE which shall be registered under the CAC. Through this organization we shall liaise with TETFUND, ministry of Education, federal government to bid for some of the contract giving out and it shall be executed under the NANS ENTERPRISE this will not only generate fund for the Association but it shall create employment for our graduate.

√ Sport Development, my government shall encourage football talents among our students, this I will do by creating a football league and it shall be register under Nigeria football premiere league; this simply means NANS football teams shall be properly represented in Nigeria premiere league.

√ Technology Advancement, you will agree with me that technology is the bedrock of any nation, I shall draw in foreign expert rate to train our technology based students, this will not only bring development achievement but create more employment opportunities for our students in technology field.

√ I shall revive all the past leaders idea such as NANS INVESTMENT AND PROPERTIES by Comr Tijani Usman NANS PRESIDENT 2014/2015, NANS SECRETARIAT BY IBB…. All this we shall revive and ensure it served the purpose meant for.

√ Every Aspirants from P.R.O to Presidential will have a big role to play in my government either you win or other way round. We shall run an all inclusive government where ordinary Nigerian students will have a say in my government.

√ NANS under my watch will be transparent, Just, accountable and Accessible; we shall frown against financial misappropriation and recklessness.

Gentlemen and ladies without further vituperation, therefore, once again present to you, my humble self Comr. ALABI KAYODE ABDULKABIR ALOPAY FOR THE OFFICE OF THE NANS PRESIDENT

Through your vote, we shall have a better NANS!!!

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