Nigerian Legendary Player Nwankwo Kanu Responds To Osaze After Accusing His Wife Amara Of Chasing Him In His DM

Nigerian former Professional footballer Nwankwo Kanu has reacted to allegations leveled on his wife Amara Kanu by retired Nigerian “Super Eagles” forward, Peter Osaze Odemwingie.

Recall that Peter Osaze Odemwingie earlier on accused the wife of Nwanko Kanu for chasing him in his DM . He disclosed in a lenghty write up how Amara left several messages in his DM but he has refused to reply her because he doesn’t want to have an affair with another man’s wife.

The reason why Nigeria is in this state. Too many want to be like America. God turned his back at america as things stand. Destruction is upon her. How can a wife of a legend like @kingkanu4

 be chasing me for a chat relentlessly ( check ur DM check your DM ) na by force ? @amarakanu

 Your husband has my number and it’s not in our culture to msg another man without asking your husband.……” he wote.

In responds to the accusation of his former colleague, Kanu has taken to his social media page to share a video of himself and his wife sharing kisses on the streets; an indication that he is not borthered about the allegations against his wife.


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