Media personality Toke Makinwa is set to join the Close Legs Association as almost all the men are joining the Stingy Men Association to save her toto.

Reacting to how almost all the Nigerian male celebrities are joining the Stingy Men Association, Toke Makinwa asked where she can also sign up for Close Legs Association. A fan commenting on Toke’s comments said she claiming to join Close Legs Association as a response to Stingy Men Association perpetuates the saying money for hand back for ground. Per Toke Makinwa’s post and the fan’s explanation, it’s obvious that some people sleep with men for money and now that the men are becoming stingy they are also planning to close their legs. Screenshot below;
Toke Makinwa Set To Join ‘Close Legs Association’ As Almost All The Men Are Joining Stingy Men Association
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